Monday, February 1, 2010

For some reason I had tatoos on the brain today or last night. Was thinking of getting one and decided I might have more fun with henna because I could do some of my art designs and use myself for my "canvas". I have some henna for hair that I picked up on closeout for $0.50 and thought I'd try it to see how it'd work. Not perfect and I don't know how well it will "stain" my skin but I like the designs at least. Steven said he'll paint some on my back too. I like that I was able to to it *now* with stuff I already had. Instant gratification is so rare these days.

Anyway, a little bright point in pain fill existence. I'm trying at least. :)
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  1. Absolutely, positively brilliant. And again, love the nail polish too.

  2. Thanks. (again) It lightened significantly when I peeled off the dried henna but I kinda knew that would happen as it wasn't the best sort to use. Plus apparently, freshness matters in the amount of dye it produces and this is, well, old. So, it's a start and I enjoyed doing it. Will repeat that's good. :)