Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I walk in a room
where friends abound but
no faces turn to greet me.

I'm not avoided
but politely ignored
almost as though I were invisible.

Or they wished I were.

It would make life easier
for those who care
if I could or would disappear.

No pain to see
no struggles to bear
with a friend who's overwhelmed.

My dreams of changing the world
of making it a better place
have slowly vanished.

Replacing them are lofty hopes
of waking up each morning
and trying not to cry.

I've become a burden
on those I love most
taking instead of contributing.

I feel useless.

I don't know if I'm wanted any longer
by people I've thought were close friends.
Maybe I'm not enjoyable to be around anymore.

But it's an interesting view of life
for those in pain
and who are challenged in different ways.

The world isn't an easy place for us
we're purposefully overlooked
and conveniently not seen.

I suppose no one wants to be reminded
of the darker sides of life...
and what can happen to one person
can happen to anyone.

For some, maybe that's just too much to bear.

So those of us who have to fight to want to stay alive each day
we become either a spectacle to onlookers or simply

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