Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1, Photo 1

OK, so here it is, photo number 1 taken today, 1/1/2010. I have to admit to loving macro or semi macro photos and creating textures. An almost Jackson Pollock take on the concept that the whole image is the subject rather than one (or more) specific points. It was snowing off and on today and this is a photo taken of the tree in our back deck (yes, actually growing through the deck...wasn't our idea). Part of my goal is to expand what I see as a potential picture and find images in the unexpected. High and loft goals - and this is only day one!
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  1. Rachel,

    What a gorgeous picture and great way to kick off your new photoblog! I love the color you were somehow able to capture in the *white* snow clinging to the tree bark...! WOW. That takes an artist. The mood it evokes and the composition are also incredible. I'm always amazed at your flawless placement of the elements within a frame.

    Anyway, I feel like I could sit here and admire the picture for hours. I'm looking forward to taking this journey toward Discovering Life Again with you, in a small way, online as well as in person. You are officially a section on my Yahoo homepage. ;)