Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 13, Photo 13

Really?? Yes, really...4 times to try to get a replacement IV then flabotomy (sp?) came to do another draw for more blood work. I feel like a human pin-cushion and I just want to go home. No improvement in the HA and just a lot of exams/interruptions/vitals. etc to show for my time here. I really wish they could have treated the positional HA first so I could hear properly and sit up. :( This has GOT to start going faster and better. :(


  1. Im so sorry you're a pin cushion... I went through similar agony recently when I was in the ER twice in one week... IVs in the hand are the worst and should be illegal =(

  2. Amazing perspective. Once again, I'm in awe. And extremely sad that you're going through this. <3

  3. IV's are the pits, this one finally got in and it was right on my wrist where it bent. Pain in the ...well wrist for sure. :(