Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5, Photo 5

OK, so today was kind of a day from hell. Had my medical test & it was grueling...I'm completely spent and wrung out.

BUT! I managed to take a photo anyway. Proud of me? So, this is the view of the ceiling at Fletcher Allen Hospital while I was flat on my back for two hours after my lumbar puncture...the first step of many in the test gauntlet today.

So, even on a crazy day, a pic is posted. That's happy. :)

Though, I'm feeling truly awful at the moment (physically), I'm awfully grateful that I was able to have the test done and for such good health providers. So, off to chillax & recover for the night till the test resumes in the AM. Remember, I'm radioactive! (no, really...the nuke med team said I actually am!)

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