Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3, Photo 3

Ahhh, so here it is, 9:33pm and you were just starting to wonder if I wasn't going to get a photo posted today, right? C' know you that worry flickered across your mind. :)

We'll you'll be happy to know that once again, I took several photos today. We're having a HUGE Nor'easter hit; I have no idea how much snow is down but our dogs now entirely disappear in it so it has to be 24" or more. So, this picture is was taken this morning, before coffee, right after being awakened to see the largest snowflakes Steven or Cindy had ever seen. (Wouldn't you know that by the time I dragged my bum over to the window, it had gone back to regular flakes...but I digress). Having said that, I still like it - a lot in fact. I'm a fan of the abstract lines and the almost monochrome tone...all entirely found in nature! There's a sense of calm and chaos together.

But, I made it. Haven't missed a day yet...what an accomplishment. OK, so three days is hardly a marathon but we're almost 1% through 2010 already. Wow.
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